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Stanley Products Original Degreaser

Stanley Products Original Degreaser
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THE ORIGINAL DEGREASER. CONCENTRATED, 1 32oz bottle makes 32 gallons of cleaning power. 32 fl.oz.

All-Purpose Cleaner
Dissolves grease in seconds: Removes grease on cookware, grills, broilers, dishes, laundry, woodwork and walls. Cleans up oil spills, greasy tools, bikes, engines, equipment. Works in hard or soft water. Easy on your budget! CONCENTRATED, One bottle makes 32 gallons of hard working solution.
Safe for you and your home and septic tanks. Plus, it's biodegradable and phosphate-free.
Contains BITREX--which has such an intensely nasty taste it is practically impossible for a person or pet to ingest.
32 fl.oz.

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